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Quantar Audio Problem

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Quantar Audio Problem

Postby ldanna » Tue Oct 03, 2017 5:39 pm

Group was great on a previous issue, now I have another head scratcher. I've been running a UHF Quantar repeater for almost 2 years with no problems. Now I have no repeat audio. Quantar is configured as a base with an external controller. Rx feeds the controller and the output of the controller feeds the Quantar. There are several link paths so that's why the external controller is needed. The Rx side is fine. the controller will key up the Quantar on a received signal but no repeated audio. The Quantar does output the PL tone on the carrier . The controller audio is interfaced to the Quantar via the 25 Pair telco connector using the Line 1 input which parallels the orange wire line connector. I initially thought the wire line TX audio adjustment had to be reset so I followed the procedure to set the wire line level. I put in a 1Khz tone at the Line 1 input at -10 Db . Made the adjustment. After making the adjustment I keyed the TX from the test screen . Tx came up and my 1kkz tone was repeated just fine. I even turned off the tone and put a signal into the Rx. which feeds the Line 1 input sure enough repeated audio. I go out of the alignment screen and the Quantar did it's reset . Tried to key up with a signal to the Rx and the repeater keyed up, PL was present but NO repeated audio. So here is what I know so far. Audio is present at the Line 1 input. System keys up, audio can get to TX under the alignment scenario. but in normal operation No repeated audio. Looks like audio is muted some how. Any Ideas of where to look? Is this a PTT priority issue ? Not sure as it worked fine before. I am Keying the PTT from the 25 pair input what audio follows it. I assumed it was the wireline audio

thanks for reading


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Re: Quantar Audio Problem

Postby Bill_G » Wed Oct 04, 2017 4:35 am

Reprog it for internal repeat to bypass all your external equipment. If that fails, your controller or backplane took a hit somehow. If that works, then recheck all your external connections again.

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Re: Quantar Audio Problem

Postby d119 » Wed Oct 04, 2017 8:14 am


Before doing anything, check this out:

Hopefully your board is a TTN4094 so you can fix this. It is fairly simple, happened to me on my silver chassis R2 Quantar that plays ham box.

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