TMN1004A-1 mic info needed

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Postby patrol186 » Fri Jan 25, 2002 7:38 pm

Does anyone know the pinout for the TMN1004A desk top mic? is this the same as the TMN1004B or were changes made?
need pin out to maxtrac50 connector if it is different
any help would be great

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Postby Nand » Fri Jan 25, 2002 7:56 pm

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Postby patrol186 » Fri Jan 25, 2002 7:59 pm

Thanks for the info, that is what I thought.
I pulled this unit out of a closet at work today with a treasure of other equipment,
this stuff had been in and old storage building closet at work,and was given to me.
Got a cool new in the box MX300 that was marked spare
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