Astro Spectra K-split to J-split

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Astro Spectra K-split to J-split

Postby btrains » Thu Sep 15, 2011 3:38 pm

I am trying to turn my W4 Astro Spectra K split into a W7 J-split. I have already posted for help at other sites for finding both the appropriate control boards to create a J split, as well as an S-record to change the control heads. No one seems to be able to help. I do not have sufficient permissions to post a want ad here, otherwise I would ask to find just a new W7 J-split radio.

Basically, I need a narrowband, P25, conventional radio with a range of useable P25 down to at least 139.000. Currently my radio stops P25 ability at 144, but I did hex edit it to do analog down to 139.000. Which would be easier to find: J-split radio or S-record and parts? I already have the W7 control head. In the past, people have suggested that J-split radios are easy to find. In my years of searching for one, I have never seen a J-split Astro Spectra.
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