XTS5000 with Sierra Module Firmware Update

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XTS5000 with Sierra Module Firmware Update

Post by NSPD »

So I bought a VHF XTS5000 on eBay that arrived with a Harris Sierra module installed (no type 1 algorithms loaded).

The radio works great but apparently was manufactured in 2005 and never programmed or used. It has R05.00.00 firmware and DSP and the Sierra module has R04.xx.xx firmware. With such old firmware it is rather limited.

After some searching I see the radio has to have the module installed to work due to a modified vocon. Can these radios be firmware updated by normal means or am I stuck with R05.00.00? I don't want to risk bricking the radio somehow.
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Re: XTS5000 with Sierra Module Firmware Update

Post by spectragod »

The FW can be uplifted, I would recommend an alignment as well.

I can do both, as can many others on the board.
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Re: XTS5000 with Sierra Module Firmware Update

Post by motorola_otaku »

Curious, does it firmware uplift using normal means or does it take special .cvns and procedures?

.gov seems to be more lax with letting these hit the surplus market lately and I'd love to add a properly DMILed one to the collection.
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