xtl5000 w series ignition sense

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xtl5000 w series ignition sense

Post by asmitty0010 »

i recently needed to convert an xtl5000 (DASH) from an O5 head to a W4 head. No issues with changing head in CPS, everything worked as it should. While using the O5 I did not need to run power to the accessory connector on the rear of the radio, however the W4 head will not power up unless 12V is applied to the accessory connector. No changes were made in the CPS with ignition sense. Do the W series heads require power to the rear connector like the ASTRO Spectra series does?

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Re: xtl5000 w series ignition sense

Post by W3AXL »

As far as I'm aware that is correct. I believe the power for the W series power button comes directly from the ignition wire.

I could be wrong though; I'm basing that solely on personal experience.
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Re: xtl5000 w series ignition sense

Post by Jim202 »

There is a couple of jumpers inside the W series control heads that you can move to enable the control head to power up from the ignition sense directly and not have to use the power on button on the front of the control head.

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