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Astro Spectra RF board rev question

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Astro Spectra RF board rev question

Postby kk6rq » Sun Jul 08, 2007 1:28 am

Anyone know if the Rev letter on an HRN6014 (VHF Astro Spectra RF Board) can clue you into whether its a
2.5 dev or not? (I have an 'A' so I'm not real sanguine about the results....) And if so, could one just change the
filters, assuming the codeplug is already updated? Thanks

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Re: Astro Spectra RF board rev question

Postby tvsjr » Sun Jul 08, 2007 4:41 am

There's a board difference (higher-stab oscillator) for NB boards. I believe D revision is the minimum to be 2.5-capable. A is *definitely* not 2.5 capable.

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Re: Astro Spectra RF board rev question

Postby The Pager Geek » Sun Jul 08, 2007 7:19 am


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Re: Astro Spectra RF board rev question

Postby jmr061 » Sun Jul 08, 2007 8:03 am

SRN: 1266APC: 412DATE: October 1998DEADLINE: October 1999 (Informational Only)Memo To: SRN Mailing List From: Astro Spectra Product Group Subject: Astro Spectra Mobile VHF - 2.5kHz Capability On June 15, 1995 the Federal Communications Commission released document 95-255, Report and Order and Further Notice of Proposed Rule Making. The report included a new channelization plan for Private Land Mobile Radio Services operating below 800MHz. This plan authorized new frequencies in the 150 to 174Mhz range which could not be synthesized by the Astro mobile VHF subscriber radio. The purpose of this notice is to announce that all Astro mobile VHF radio models shipped from the factory on or after Sept. 17, 1998 will be hardware ready for operating on new frequencies which are evenly divisible by 2.5kHz. This change has no effect on operating bandwidth, it merely allows setting of channel center frequencies to values previously not allowed. All channel frequencies that were previously available (frequencies divisible by 5.0 or 6.25kHz) will continue to be available. New radios will be referred to as 2.5kHz capable. Radios shipping within the U.S. will bear a unique marking, 2.5kHz printed on the radio identification label to the right of the FCC ID. Radios shipping outside the U.S. will not have the marking until 12/31/98 but will nevertheless be hardware capable as of 9/17/98. In addition to being hardware capable, radios must be using host firmware version R09.51.00 (This firmware is IMBE vocoder type only. VSELP radios cannot be upgraded to support 2.5kHz capability), or later version. To determine the firmware version of a radio, press the HOME button quickly five times soon after turn on. The display will show the word "SERVICE" followed by the host version number. Programming of new frequencies will require RSS version R06.50.00 or later. Upgrades: Older Astro Mobile VHF radios may be upgraded to add 2.5kHz capability. All of the following is required: 1. RF board kit HRN6014C or HRN4009C depending on the radio model (see list below). 2. One Meg VOCON board (HLN6458E or later) 3. Radio Host Flash version R09.51.00 (IMBE). Models requiring HRN6014C: D04JHF9PW4AN D04KKF9PW4AN M04JGF9PW4AN T04JLH9PW7AN
Models requiring HRN4009C: D04KHF9PW4AN D04KHH9PW3AN M04KGF9PW4AN M04KGH9PW7AN
Follow instructions in the Astro Digital Spectra Basic Service Manual 68P81076C20 to replace the RF board. After replacement, it is necessary to tune the reference oscillator and check transmit deviation balance as described in the Basic Service Manual. To order board kits contact Motorola Accessories and Aftermarket Division at 1-800-422-4210. For firmware upgrade or update contact your local Motorola sales representative. Use RSS version R06.50.00 or later to add channels. You will now be able to enter frequencies which are 2.5kHz multiples. Potential Problems: When attempting to write codeplugs containing 2.5kHz frequencies to the radio, the following error message may appear: !!! Warning!!!The target radio does not support Frequencies with a 2.5kHz spacing.Please upgrade this radio's FIRMWAREand/or HARDWARE This indicates that either the RF board is not 2.5kHz capable, or the firmware is earlier than version R09.51.00.THE CONTENTS OF THIS NOTICE IS FOR INFORMATION ONLY. NO WARRANTY IS IMPLIED.

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