Finding last site radio affiliated to

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Finding last site radio affiliated to

Post by k7bpg »

Good Morning,

Is there a way to see where/when a radio last affiliated/de-affiliated. I can use the affiliation display to see a date, but not the site it was last off of. Is there a way to look at the logs on zone watch, if so where are those stored on the core?

7.11 M-Core system.

Thanks for any help.
Karl NVW
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Re: Finding last site radio affiliated to

Post by Karl NVW »

Not sure what you want to accomplish with that single piece of information. The radio will remember its last active site before logging out and powering down (so that it can do a rapid restart) but that's almost never the site where it last affiliated to the system. Subscribers can roam between sites within a zone without performing a full affiliation, so the last site number is of little significance.
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