Testing Channel Elements

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Testing Channel Elements

Post by yardbirdjr »


I was curious if there was a way to test and determine the frequency of channel elements.

What I have is a large assortment of misc. channel elements.

Mostly Mitrek, Micor, Mocom-70, MT-500 and MX.

Most of the labels have been worn off or were never on the elements when I received them.

Like I said I was wanting to know if there was a way to determine the frequencies, without putting them in a radio to find out.

Please PM me with responses

Thanks in advance

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Re: Testing Channel Elements

Post by fineshot1 »

Unless you have some sort of test jig from motorola that I do
not know of the only way that I know of to test them is in the
radio they were designed for. As far as determining the frequency
read the Khz on the crystal itself and use the models crystal calculation
mathmatics to determine the channel frequency. You can find the calculation
in the models service manual.
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