XTS2500 and XTS5000 antennas.

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XTS2500 and XTS5000 antennas.

Post by K8TEK »

In Motorola's high tier accessory catalog, they list different antennas for the 2500 and the 5000. The 2500 is P/N NAE6547AR and the 5000 is P/N 8505644V05. What is the difference? Both cover the exact same band, are the exact same length and use the exact same SMA connector. They are also the exact same price.
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Re: XTS2500 and XTS5000 antennas.

Post by com501 »

Probably two different supply paths or two different marketing paths.
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Re: XTS2500 and XTS5000 antennas.

Post by RadioSouth »

Yup like 501 stated. Saw this with many Motorola antenna's, identical product coming thru parts with 85 prefix and sold as accessory as NAD/NAE
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Re: XTS2500 and XTS5000 antennas.

Post by escomm »

85# = RPD Radio Products Division
NAD = AAD Americas Accessory Division

And yes, same part, different part numbers.
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