Impres multi unit charger fan change

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Impres multi unit charger fan change

Post by skitz »

I saw akardam's dual fan write up for the impres MUC (thanks for the great idea). After searching for a slower speed fan and coming up empty, I ended up going a slightly different route. Just passing it along in case it's of use.

The original fan is 15mm thick. Turns out a 25mm fan fits ok and with 15mm, 20mm and 25mm to choose from it's a lot easier to find something that works. The one I got is a Vantec stealth SF6025L, 2600 RPM, 12CFM, 0.96W. It's 12v and the 3 pin cable plugs on to the 2 pin power just fine without any mods (align red/black to the fan). Probably no secret to choosing a fan I just picked one with highest customer ratings, oh I guess it has ball bearings which is good. Was around $9 with free shipping. So just one fan same as before. It's not silent but quiet enough I can't hear it from a few feet away.
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Re: Impres multi unit charger fan change

Post by K8TEK »

Looks like I should buy a few of them. I have my gang charger next to my night stand and it gets annoying at times.
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