BPR40 MagOne Poor Range

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BPR40 MagOne Poor Range

Post by IRS_BDN_MB »

Has anyone else had complaints about the BPR40/MagOne both UHF & VHF having poor range right from brand new?

We have noticed that many people who purchase the BPR40/MagOne are returning them due to poor range. When the customer tries a CP200 or a TK2302/3302 they notice an immediate improvement with the range. I tested the power output and receive sensitivity on dozens of BPR40 portables and they are all normal and within the spec's. We have had so many of these radios returned that we refuse to sell them without first providing the customer demo units to see if they will be suitable for their needs. I cannot understand why a brand new radio with good sensitivity and good power output would get noticeably worse range then a different model with the same sensitivity and power output.

Any feedback would be appreciated,
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Re: BPR40 MagOne Poor Range

Post by Al »

I recall seeing a FSB on poor range with UHF BPR40s. It was caused by a mismanufactured antenna(stud too long) causing a direct short to ground at the base of the antenna. You <have> checked this, haven't you?
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