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Spectra S9000E jumpers to enable DIM button

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Spectra S9000E jumpers to enable DIM button

Postby miken8eqd » Mon Oct 23, 2017 2:56 pm

Bringing up old subject lol!

Been looking around the boards to find out how to enable the DIM button on a Spectra S9000E control head.
I understand JU16 and JU17 have to do with that setting. when i opened the case, JU16 was open and JU17 was closed. So i swapped them.

Would leaving both open do the trick?

I looked in RSS for control head DIM settings , nothing found. so it has to do with the control head itself.

Mike C

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What radios do you own?: X9000, HT1550XLS, MTS2000, etc

Re: Spectra S9000E jumpers to enable DIM button

Postby George » Tue Oct 24, 2017 6:06 am

so far as I know there aren't any jumpers to enable or disable the dimming button.
It should simply work unless there is something holding it back. I would look in the manual for how this button interacts with the processor and make sure the conductors are good from the contact pads over to the processor. This is nothing more than an X-Y button that the processor scans.

It may even be the contact pad not making contact. Just follow it through and figure it out.

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Re: Spectra S9000E jumpers to enable DIM button

Postby Jim202 » Tue Oct 24, 2017 8:23 am

Have you tried to go to the repeater builder site. There should be information there on these radios and manuals to download.

Another web site to look at is that is done by Mike B. He has some real good information on the Spectra and Syntor X9000 radios.

You have me some what confused by using the name of Spectra s9000. I have a number of both the Spectra radios and the Syntor X9000 radios in use all the time. I use several different control heads. Some of them are the W7 and some are the W9 control heads. The software to program the radios with the different heads depends on the radio family. But they all use a DOS program.

The control heads are cheap on the used market. In many cases the Public Safety agency are just throwing these radios, control heads and cables in the dumpster. So if your in an area where an agency is moving into a new radio system, it may be to your advantage to make friends with the radio shop. You could possibly end up with some equipment for nothing or very cheap. These radios come in low band, VHF and UHF. Some also come in the 800 MHz. range. But unless there is some 900 MHz. ham activity in your area, they are just junk. Pull them apart for the aluminum casting and throw the rest away except for the control head and the MLM board. You might also want to save the control board. Unless the radios are in low band, VHF or UHF, the VCO boards are not worth much coming out of the 800 MHz. radios.

Provide us with some better info on just which radio your playing with and which control head you have.

Be aware that these radios and control heads have a leakage problem with the electrolytic capacitors in them. When they leak, they acid in them will eat away at the circuit lands and cause all sorts of problems. There has been all sorts of threads about the capacitor leakage in these radios. A search on the internet should come up with a good number of links to go read on this issue.


Posts: 257
Joined: Wed Apr 16, 2003 11:14 am
What radios do you own?: X9000, HT1550XLS, MTS2000, etc

Re: Spectra S9000E jumpers to enable DIM button

Postby George » Wed Oct 25, 2017 10:40 am

If you really don't want the work of fixing your control head, find an HCN1073 or a HCN1063. These work with Spectra or X9000 on S9600E protocol. Anything that uses the Motorola processor is compatible. The Hitachi processor is dependent upon the local blown program because that processor does not use an external PROM for its program load. If you have a HCN1062 and want more than 32 channels, you are screwed. Toss it in the dumpster...okay, maybe save the plastic and the display board and move on.

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