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Head protocol

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Head protocol

Postby Farren » Wed Nov 22, 2017 9:33 pm

Is there any documentation available for the pinout and protocol used for the head connector on a CDM 1550 (or 1250 or 750) radio?

I have a couple dead radios and I had the bright idea of gutting them and putting in a Raspberry Pi or Beaglebone Black computer to create a rugged mobile computer. I thought it would be fun to use the existing display/buttons/knob/speaker/mic as input/output from the computer board. I did some searching but found nothing so either I'm using the wrong terms or the info isn't available... There doesn't seem to be enough connectors in that ribbon cable for everything to have it's own line, so I'm guessing there's some multiplexing and serial I/O going on. But, reverse engineering it is beyond my time & talent.

For example, a Raspberry Pi computer and one of the many RTL/SDR dongles connected to the existing antenna jack could create a nifty scanner in an old CDM body...



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