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Impres multi unit charger conversion question

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Impres multi unit charger conversion question

Postby motor59 » Wed Dec 27, 2017 3:45 pm

Hi Guys- been a while.

We're in the process of converting from legacy Waris, Jedi and XTS-series portables to APX4000 units.
On my sole compatible Jedi charger, I bought the NNTN8170A adapters, and they work great. Kinda pricey at about $30 each for a chunk of plastic, but...

However, I have a number of Waris Impres chargers that I'd like to convert to APX as well. My thought was to disassemble a WPLN4211B charger from some XPR6550 radios we have kicking around, and get the charging pocket assembly P/N. The XPR charger seems to work fine with the APX4000's.
And we all know that these things are pretty much the same inside.

So, taking it apart got me a number. That number doesn't really seem to lead me anywhere, but I gave it to Parts ID, and they came up with a 'substitute' that was supposed to work. (0189207F02). Ordered one and got it today.

Unfortunately, this gets me a MUC pocket that will allow me to charge the Jedi series radios. Not the APX. I'd still need to buy the individual adapters to make it work, and now we're approaching $350 for this 'cheap' workaround.

Parts ID tells me the APX charging pocket is NA. So is the XPR charging pocket.

Any 'secret' info out there in the hive mind that can point me in a proper direction?

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Re: Impres multi unit charger conversion question

Postby Astro Spectra » Thu Dec 28, 2017 1:06 pm

As a field expedient I've used folded cardboard and a handkerchief. While the MUC is handy it's, as you say, too expensive for conversion of more than a pocket or two.

As for a wholesale remplacement the only option I could suggest is 3D printed MUC work alike from a maker bot specialist.

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