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Motorola Mic wiring

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Motorola Mic wiring

Postby cliff70chevy » Sun Feb 11, 2018 11:12 pm

Hi All, I know this might sound stupid to some people here, however I want to try to wire a Motorola hand mic to an old CB for over the road trips with my RV. I know Motorola makes quality products. The CB stock mics are mostly crap. The CB takes a standard 4 wire mic, but luckily for me the radio comes with a 6 pin socket with 2 of the pins empty. What would it take to find an amplified 6 wire Motorola hand mic. Energize the 2 unused pins on the socket on the radio with 12V to power (or the necessary voltage) to power the amp in the mic and utilize the other 4 wires on the mic for AUD, SHIELD, PTT, GROUND? I know most Motorola microphones do not use shielded mic wires for the audio pair. I would be willing to put on a new cord. I think most CB's use a 600 ohm mic????? Which Motorola mic would be the best for the project? And would someone here be willing to attempt the project?

Also I would be willing to use an unamplified mic if there is one that will work easier and the impedance is close, the radio has a mic gain control already in it and it has adequate audio.

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Re: Motorola Mic wiring

Postby jackhackett » Mon Feb 12, 2018 6:20 am

Generally, Motorola mics don't use a separate power connection, and they don't use 12 volts. They use somewhere around 8 or 9 volts connected to MIC HI through a resistor. Some of them also do not use a straight switch contact for PTT either, they use electronic switching. It's possible to do, but without knowing which model mic and CB it's hard to give any specifics. Also there's no saying if it will actually sound any better.

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