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GM350/GM950 test lead and tuning

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GM350/GM950 test lead and tuning

Postby Shuttle » Tue Mar 20, 2018 6:02 am

Hi all.
I'm tested a GM950 2m radio that showed it's about 600Hz off.
I would actually like to tune it, but I don't have:
- Test cable GTF-376
- RTX4005/GTF180
And the radio is with a HHCH, so rear programming only.
I do have the RLN4460 test box, and what goes with it for waris series.
As for programming, I've used the GTF377 front-to-back cable with a normal mic-programming cable

Ideally, I would like to add a D25 splice to the GTF377 that would connect to the RLN4460. For this, I would need the pinout for GTF376 and the adapter "Round to D25" - the latter schematic is available on batlabs.

I also opted to purchase an GTF377 - but there just aren't any available. And I'm not inclined to spend top dollar, as I'm going to sell this radio.

Alternatively, I would purchase a RKN4083 and modify my homebrew cable to some frankenstein that would allow me to do what I'm attempting

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Re: GM350/GM950 test lead and tuning

Postby g8tzl2004 » Sat May 05, 2018 4:22 am

I believe you can just use the standard programming cable to access Service Mode and then adjust the TX frequency. I just Tx'ed into a 2m antenna positioned near my portable frequency counter....simple but worked. You adjust the TX frequency using the an F key (can't remember which but the software is very clear) to lock on TX and then use the up/down keys to adjust the frequency.

OK...noticed that you are using an no front RJ45 socket for programming?...presumably you can use an inline DB adaptor to access rear programming pins while also using HHCH?

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