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99ch MT1000 with sp 88 error

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99ch MT1000 with sp 88 error

Postby saberjerk » Sun Jul 01, 2018 8:25 am

I have a VHF MT1000 with the 88 vco unlock error. Only this radio is behaving very strangely. I see the sp 88 error pop up when turning on the radio. Doesn't seem to matter what channel it was left on. But when scrolling through the channels if you reach channel 88 the radio locks up. You can't do anything. Turn off and back on and still locked on sp 88. I'm not sure what the little sp before the 88 means ? The only solution I've found is to reprogram the radio and avoid channel 88. Or to delete all channels like 85 and above. I've never seen anything like this. Does anyone know what's going on ? One thing I haven't checked is to open the radio and verify the synthesizer band split. There is a 146-162 code plug in it. But I've seen people dump that code plug into a 157-174 radio. Any ideas ?

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Re: 99ch MT1000 with sp 88 error

Postby saberjerk » Wed Jul 04, 2018 6:45 am

Did I post this in the wrong place ? Or just nobody knows about these old radios ?

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Re: 99ch MT1000 with sp 88 error

Postby train_radio_guy » Fri Jul 20, 2018 4:46 pm

I own a couple of low band MT1000s (& need new batteries), but I can't say that I've ever run across that error. Repeater Builder is an excellent source of information, on the older radio gear. Here are some useful links, for the MT1000 Genesis-Series Radios:

MT1000 Operating Instructions:
- ... 1c35-d.pdf

The MT1000 VHF/UHF Instruction Manual (& Service Manual):
- ... tr-man.pdf

Color pages from The MT1000 VHF/UHF Instruction Manual:
- ... -pages.pdf

I haven't looked through all the documents, but this would be a good place to start your search. They are solid radios, built from a time when mother /\/\ was 'the source' for well-designed, & very durable radio equipment. That being said, as time moves on, finding folks, who support these older radios is going to be challenging. With no support from Motorola, and limited parts availability, keeping the Genesis-Series Radios in good working order is not as easy, as it once was.

- trg, 8)
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