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MCS2000 Tuneup Issue

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MCS2000 Tuneup Issue

Postby Wyphy » Mon Oct 15, 2018 9:02 am

Have used the tuner software to set the frequency, deviation, etc., on about 10 MCS2000 900MHz, mix of 13W and 30W models, with no issues.

One radio has the problem that it does not pass audio in through the accessory connector when commanded by the tuner, though it PTTs the radio.
Thought perhaps the whole audio input circuit might be damaged, so I put a mic on it, but forgot to turn off the 1k tone, and when I keyed up the mic, surprise, the tone passed through.
Checked through the programming software for any option that changes or disables the accessory audio input, but don't see anything.

Anyone have an idea?
All other aspects tune up and work fine, just this one issue.

Model is :
Using a USB/Serial cable thorough a genuine Moto 4008.


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