M1 connector compatibility with non-Moto

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M1 connector compatibility with non-Moto

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I have a HMN9030A speaker mic with an M1(?) connector. I want to adapter it to my Yaesu VX-170 rather than buy a lesser-quality speaker mic.

Does anyone own the Yaesu CT-91 splitter adapter, a radio its waterproof screw plug connects to, and a Motorola speaker mic or headset with an M1 connector? Do they all work together, or is the distance between the M1 plugs too small for the CT-91 female ends to fit next to each other, or is the pinout not a match?

Is there anything on the market that does work for this? Klein doesn't have it & wants a minimum order of 500 to make one.

I don't want to be a dick & order it from Amazon only to have to return it with a crap excuse.
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