ht1250 speaker mic mod

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ht1250 speaker mic mod

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I have a broken ht1250 mic, just curious if anybody has made an attempt at soldering the wires into an XE500 mic, obviously all of the functionality would not be there, but has anybody even tried it?
I have gone through all of the pins on the connector and the wires inside the mic to see what is what with my multimeter
What i have so far is:
Pin 1: RED
Pin 2: BLK
Pin 4: WHT
Pin 5: GRN
Pin 6: BLU
then pin 7 goes nowhere, and there is a yellow wire that doesnt go to a pin (unless this is not just a coincidence and something is broken there)
GRN/BLU are attached to the PTT button, RED/BLK go to the speaker, and BLU/WHT go to the microphone.
So if i had say an XE500 with a bad cord that was being tossed out, or something like that, COULD these wires be made to work if soldered to the same functions?
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