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What radios do you own?: MTS2000


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What radios do you own?: I can't enter that much....

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Charlie, I don't quite understand your question. The MT1000 uses the same RIB to PC cable as every other radio. The cable between the RIB and the PC is always the same, no matter what radio. Did you maybe mean the RIB to Radio cable?
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Here is the information
you need.

Also, for the person who needed the MT1000 / HT600 Cable, here
is a alternate link for you !

Be advised, the Plate that holds the pins, DOES NOT have
the holes Pre-drilled, and does require 2 Drill sizes if you wish
to have the pins fit tight. What I do is drill a smaller size first,
then use the Body Size drill about 90% of the way. What that
does is when you push the Pin in place, the later part of the
Base with the smaller hole size will help hold the pin in place.

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