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I know very little about EDACS, but will try to help.
EDACS RSS is V4.2 here, this is used with northeast utility, in Newington CT.
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Hi Rob,

Hopefully this information helps you out.

Supposedly if you can't READ the radio, you can still WRITE to it with an older version. So, if you have a new codeplug made up from scratch in your version of ProGrammer, you can just write it directly into the radio.

Of course this may not help you if you are relying upon information in that code plug. You will lose the codeplug that is currently stored in the radio.

Best of Luck,
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Smackdaddy is right. Create the pers file with all the data ie: freq set, group set and site info. then write to the radio with the correct radio setting.

Should be no problem.
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The latest Windows version of Programmer is 11. This is the latest "released" version. Version 12 was out about 3 weeks ago but as of this past weekend, hasn't been released. The reason I know this is that we are in the process of installing a 3 site 17 ch simulcast Provoice system. Some of the LPE200 portables shipped with ver 12 programming. When we tried to program with ver 11 we got the same message you did. A quick call to M/A-COMM solved our problem.
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