motolora desk mic pinout

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motolora desk mic pinout

Post by ring1 »

Looking for the pinout for a Motorola HMN3031A with the RJ45 connector.
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Post by MO_TRASHER »

Dunno if the HMN3000B is the same or what, but, if you have a maxtrac or GM series style radio, the pinout is the same.
pin 3 is the "hook"
pin 4 is GND
pin 5 is Mic Audio
Pin 6 is PTT
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Re: motolora desk mic pinout

Post by MotoMojo »

Does the desk mic have a built in mic amp that require use of the 5v+ pin?
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Re: motolora desk mic pinout

Post by Al »

All the Motorola desk mics have a builtin preamp, but they don't require use of the +5V pin. Motorola mobile radios are designed to use a 'carbon mic standard' where the mic audio line has a positive bias voltage on it to supply the desk mic preamp as well as route the mic audio to the radio.
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