Is this minitor3 a 1 or 2 channel? - a03??s94?2AC

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Is this minitor3 a 1 or 2 channel? - a03??s94?2AC

Post by vivid- »

When loaded into the programmer, the model number has ? marks in it.

Minitor 3

Serial #:

Was sold to me via ebay advertised as 2 channel. but I can not get the second channel to program. Not to mention that the pager doesnt page at all. If I can prove that this is a 1 channel, and not a 2 channel. I will have more of a chance of getting my money back, thanks
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Could be both

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I have seen some posts that say there is a way to make a 1 channel into a two channel by swapping pagers back and forth during the programming session...basically cloning the pager. Maybe that is why you are getting the ??? in the numbers I have not seen that before.

The first two ?? should be alpha characters and the ? after the 94 should be a numeric character. Should match the label on the pager if there is one.
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Try this

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The ? after the 94 should be a 2 for a 2 channel pager and 1 for a single channel pager if you can find it anywhere. Also do you have a code plug from another pager that you can program into it...that may refresh the settings and reset the values to work. Just a shot.
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Min 3

Post by VE3TUH »

You may be beat. The one thing the programming software verifies is the model number. Another codeplug would have to have the same model number, with the same "?", or the software will error out and tell you that the codeplug is from a different model pager. I could fix the model number in your codeplug for you if you send it to me, but I dont think the pager will accept it back.

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Post by DJP126 »

As I have mentioned in other posts on the Minitor III & IV series, the question marks in the model number or serial number fields indicate a corrupt codeplug.
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