R-2400 Service Monitor Odd Behavior?

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R-2400 Service Monitor Odd Behavior?

Post by rodell »

I have a 2400 that has a very odd behavior.

If the attenuator is at '0' in monitor mode, and, the squelch is opened on the monitor receiver, an extremely wide deviation is measured on the deviation scale without any signal. The same is true even if a signal is received.

If the attenuator is set to anything else other than '0', deviation can be measured correctly and nothing shows when the monitor squelch is opened. If I don't set the deviation alarm to something very large, then I get the error tone even upon opening the squelch! Very annoying.

Has anyone experienced this before? I've not taken one of these beasts apart, but, it might be in my future.

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a freq'ed out wide receiver...

Post by Woody_99 »


I'm no techie, but I have a 2001D and it does pretty much that same thing... however when the signal is rx'd at 0dB, the display says "Increase RF Attenuation" as a warning; because the receiver is being overloaded with too strong of a signal. Might be normal for yours as well, but I'd wait for another 2400 owner to pipe up before discounting it.
You'll also get a overly wide deviation when the rx signal freq and monitor freq don't match.


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R 2400

Post by VE3TUH »

Yep, same here. I cant remember the exact reason, but you have to to attenuate your RX signal before the monitor will accuratly(?) decode the deviation. I think this is normal behaviour for this service monitor.

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Same here.

Post by Cowthief »


That seems to be quite normal.
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