programming ht1550xls

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programming ht1550xls

Post by az911rob »

I have recieved my radio and taken it to my supervisor at work. It is advertised that the ht1550 is keyboard programmable but the manual does not seem to show how to program it.

My supervisor wanted to see if he could figure it out, but if not he will probably send it to the authorized Motorola rep here in town. Does anyone know of a site that shows how to enter the transmit and recieve frequencies for this radio?


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Post by maxjam »

While you can program it from the keypad, the channel must be configured from the software to permit that. Once done you need the red battery. Scroll through the menu and you will see a edit mode option. Hit enter, then the password you setup using the software and then you can edit the tx/rx/tx pl/rx pl/ but not the channel name.
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Post by compuman81 »

do you have the programming battery? if so where did you get it? i never got mine when i had a ht1550...
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Post by MotoVio »

Here ya go, just buy directly from Motorola (1-800-422-4210)< that's where i ordered one for a friend of mine, he couldn't be happier.

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Post by jwb8734 »

Do they make one Ht1250?
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Post by firegood »

no ht1250 is not FPP capable
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