XTS5k Error Code 09/10 on power-up

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XTS5k Error Code 09/10 on power-up

Post by W1HVN »

Radio goes into Self Check, then reads Please Wait for a few seconds, then deisplays Error 09/10 for a second, then normal display comes on..

What is the error code and possible fix?

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Re: XTS5k Error Code 09/10 on power-up

Post by txshooter »

If I am not mistaken, that error code is for the secure module not communicating with the radio. This can also be a radio that is programmed as secure equipped and there is actually no module in the radio. The fix is as simple as un-checking the secure equipped box in the CPS.

If you do have a secure module installed it is possible that it just needs to be re-seated.
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