RX Audio Expansion

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RX Audio Expansion

Post by W2MB »

Looking for input on programming the receive-audio expansion type for my HT1550XLS. The options are Disabled, Full, AGC mode, and Low Level Expansion. It looks like Full is used for "companding mode" on a Motorola only system. I use the radio in a mixed system environment. Any advice would be appreciated.
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Re: RX Audio Expansion

Post by wavetar »

Yes, 'full' would only be used on narrow-band channels, and all radios in the fleet would need to be using it in order for things to sound good.

The default used to be 'low level expansion', which seems to work well most of the time. I believe the default changed at some point to 'none'. I really don't hear any difference most of the time, other than it tends to sound better on 'none' when talking to older models like HT1000.
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Re: RX Audio Expansion

Post by nmfire10 »

FULL is for using companding and can be used on wideband or narrowband. Companding must be a systemwide deployment. Activating it on one radio will only make things worse.

I've never noticed much of a difference between none and low level other than a slight boost in some audio sometimes.
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