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CP200 Headset Issues

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CP200 Headset Issues

Postby eshuler » Wed Jul 22, 2009 8:59 am

We are using about 20 CP200s in a 1.5 Sq Mile outdoor area. The radios work fine without headsets, but as soon as we try with headsets, there is dramatic communication breakup. It's obviously the headsets, but what setting might we program in the radios that will affect this? We have run a spectrum analysis and determined that there is no interferrence from surrounding transmissions. VOX is disabled. CP200 Firmware is R03.03.02. Ever heard anything like this? What's my next move?

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Re: CP200 Headset Issues

Postby txshooter » Wed Jul 22, 2009 9:19 am

OK, this may seem to simple, but before the headsets I would guess you were using the radios alone and without a speaker mic or anything. This would mean the user was taking the radio off of their belt and holding it up by theeir head while transmitting. Simply the position of the antenna, up and away from the body in a vertical position can make a HUGE difference in your transmissions. You loose a lot by having the radio on your hip....
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Re: CP200 Headset Issues

Postby eshuler » Wed Jul 22, 2009 8:22 pm

Additional information;
We use the radios for communication in SCCA sports car racing. We purchased these new CP200 radios / headsets and we cannot get them to work satisfactorily. We rented some older motorola radios / headsets from another organization to run our event. The older motorola radios (same frequency, same power, same everything except new headset are from different mfg.) Is it possible that the new headset impedance is wrong? Using the new CP200 / Sampson Racing headset combination, if we do a 10 second countdown, Race control starts receiving at about 8 and drops out around 3 or 2. Other radio/headset pairs dropout at other places etc. They are unusable, some transmissions never make it. I'm looking for any help here at all. Thanks

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Re: CP200 Headset Issues

Postby Garyf629 » Thu Jul 23, 2009 9:07 am

I would check and make sure that they are the same power. The impedance would make the audio levels off. Are you experiencing a drop in the carrier? From your first post, that is what it sounds like.

We have 3 Saturday night 1/4 mile stock car tracks in Northern New England that tried to use 2 watt CP200 with David-Clarke headsets. While the area coverage is far less than a square mile, (2 watt radios should have been more that adequate.) we had to go to 5 watt radios in ensure coverage. We found that as soon as the track officials stuck them on their belts, we no longer had good coverage. We also experience this with public safety officers when they use speaker mic's.

Also make sure that your batteries are fully charged. As your batteries voltage drop, so does their output power.

Try using the headsets and holding the radios in your hand by your mouth.

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