Motorola Battery Maintenance System

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Motorola Battery Maintenance System

Post by evac13 »

Does anyone have a manual for the motorola battery maintenence system battery conditioner model number: WPLN4079AR???
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Re: Motorola Battery Maintenance System

Post by kc7gr »

Those systems, if I recall correctly, are simply a rebadged Cadex C7000.

If that's the case, the user's manual should be available here.

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Re: Motorola Battery Maintenance System

Post by firemedic »

BMS should be the itech IQ5 model.

This should be it. Depending on firmware depends on which chemistries it will support.
They will sell an upgrade to the firmware but it depends on which mainboard is in the charger. I have 2 of the units and could upgrade 1 but not the other.

Also Motorola called the cadex series ones the Battery Optimization Series or something to that effect vs the Battery Management System.
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