MC2000 wiring

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MC2000 wiring

Post by maxjam »

I just picked up a MC2000 deskset. However it didn't come with a manual. Can somebody tell me the connections for 2 wire tone remote? I was hoping it would come
with a standard default channel 1 -16 tones, however it appears only 1 channel is setup. If there is a default config with more then one channel, is there a button-hold-reset
that I could do?

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Re: MC2000 wiring

Post by wavetar »

Unfortunately, you'll need the programming CPS, part# RVN4178, to make most changes & add more channel capabilities. The programming cable is part# DDN6367.

You'll really need the manual, part# 6880309K85...but you'll probably pay more for that than you did for your used MC2000.

I have the MC2000 'quick connect' set-up guide in pdf format that I can email you which can help you with some things. PM me with your address. It shows the pinouts for the audio port & even the programming/printer cable.
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