Laptop speed/RAM requirements for programming MT1000/MT2000

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Laptop speed/RAM requirements for programming MT1000/MT2000

Post by scannersurf104 »

I am looking to reprogram my old Motorola MT2000 and MT1000 radios.

1.) What type is the max speed (processor/RAM) DOS run laptop I should look for to use to program these older (RSS run) radios without the risk to brick them?
Any input on an exact model DOS laptop that would work or point out one currently for sale online would be very helpfull......

2.) The RSS software I have available for each of these models (MT1000 & MT2000) have been converted from a floppy disc to a zip file stored on a Windows XP hard drive. Any ideas how to convert the zip file containing the RSS back onto a floppy disc to upload into a older DOS ran laptop to program these units....? I have a desktop Windows XP CPU (from 2005) with a flopy drive as well as a CD-r drive. Would a simply drag and drop from the zip file to the flopy disc drive folder work?

When I open the MTSX folder (MT2000 RSS) in the zip file I have 9 icons labeled:
mtsx_rss_manual (marked in a PDF outline)

How do I convert these files onto a floppy to load into a DOS run laptop to program?

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Re: Laptop speed/RAM requirements for programming MT1000/MT2

Post by motorola_otaku »

I think your MTSX software is missing a file. There should be another one labeled RUNTIME.ODB. (I assume the "MTSX" and "RUNTIME" files in your post are .exe files.)

If you don't have a programming computer at all right now, the easiest thing to do would be to find one that's fast enough for Windows XP but also slow enough for older DOS programs, and set it up to dual-boot into either DOS or XP. Then you can extract .zip files directly into folders on the DOS drive and not even have to mess with floppies. My personal preference in that regard is the IBM Thinkpad A22m but there are others that will also work. Look for something in the 800 MHz - 1 GHz processor speed range.
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Re: Laptop speed/RAM requirements for programming MT1000/MT2

Post by smokeybehr »

I have 3 computers that I use for programming: A 386sx25 laptop for those pure DOS RSS programs that won't run on a Pentium machine; a Panasonic CF-28 for everything that will run on a Pentium and XP; and a GoBook II+ for anything post-2000 and Windows-based. If it's got a USB programming cable, I use the GoBook.

I was running a 286/12 desktop, but that was rather inconvenient for use in programming mobiles, especially when they were still mounted in the vehicles.
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Re: Laptop speed/RAM requirements for programming MT1000/MT2

Post by PETNRDX »

I am going to assume you mean HT1000 not MT1000.
The old MT1000 used a different RSS than the MT2000.
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Re: Laptop speed/RAM requirements for programming MT1000/MT2

Post by AEC »

Almost all older versions of RSS will run on any sub 200 mHz. machine under DOS, such as the Saber, Systems Saber, MT1000, HT600 and all versions of the P110/GP300/350 radios, including 'Tracs and M1225/CM series.
Also included are the Quantar, Quantro and MTR base/repeater systems.

Faster machines should be used for CPS programmed radios, such as the CP200, HT1250 and Jedi, including the XTS line as well as later iterations of the Astro line, including XTL series.

Memory should always be maxed whenever possible as it assists routine buffering of data, and file handling duties.

Older x86 class machines running straight DOS, have the system's UART controlling the serial ports, disabling sleep cycles of the HDD helps with versions of RSS that normally require HDD access during programming, such as the Syntor mobiles that can get corrupted programming if and when the computer goes to 'sleep' during the programming cycle, or if you should walk away for an extended period of time(this happened to me a few times) and corrupted the codeplug.

I disable all sleep times and disable all unused ports, such as any IR ports that 'may' take control of an IRQ, or bus request during radio programming so as to make the RSS halt.

Also, as a side note, I will never tell anybody to use useless programs such as 'MoSlo' to use in conjunction with their prgramming of the older radios, such as the Maxtrac, Visar or HT1000 or the MT1000/HT600.
Actually, I refrain from the use of MoSlo for any programming, period.
Even faster PCs can be used with many version of RSS with little trouble.
MoSlo is unstable in my view, and I have deleted it to prevent me from even trying anymore.

Having a variety of computers and OSs to choose from makes life simpler but also provides you with understanding about which OS works best with which programming platform..

Have fun, and good luck.
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Re: Laptop speed/RAM requirements for programming MT1000/MT2

Post by kotaguchi »

I use a Panasonic Toughbook CF-29 1.7GHz Pentium M cpu notebook to program all my radios.

It has a very reliable built in 9 pin serial port on the back.

I use it to program radios that uses older DOS mode rss like:HT600/P200/MT-1000,Saber,System Saber,GP300/GP3560,P1225,XTS3000,MTSX,etc.

I even newer CPS stuff like Astro Saber,XTS5000,MTS2000,Professional Series,Commercial Series, and even the APX7000 portable.
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Re: Laptop speed/RAM requirements for programming MT1000/MT2

Post by scannersurf104 »

Going back to the first 2 posts, will an IBM A20m laptop running windows 2000 work for me....? I would need it to boot up with the option of Win2000 or DOS if it can be done with this model computer so I can upload the RSS files that are currently saved on a CD-R from from a windows xp harddrive....Any ideas?
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Re: Laptop speed/RAM requirements for programming MT1000/MT2

Post by 2wayfreq »

I suppose you COULD set up the laptop for Partitioned, Multi-OS boot but it takes some doing. Sometimes, Writing an older radio with a very fast CPU can cause corruption and several attempts to write. And, if the drive fails, then your other partitions are lost too. Me? I rather have the proper native hardware and OS for the job. It doesn't take much hunting at swap meets an thrift stores to find and old 286 or 386 for CHEAP!
I found a Toshiba T3200 286 Laptop for OLD radios like Syntors. I also bagged a few Compaq 386-20 Portables in case I need to program something old at a site. These I just loaded pure DOS 6.22 and use Direct Access 5.1 Menu. I have an IBM 390E PII with Windows 98 for "DOS" mode programming and Windows for "Astro" Saber/Spectra level stuff. Anything XTS/XTL/APX I use a Dual Core Windows 7 machine.
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