Syntor X9000 UHF HAM tuning

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Syntor X9000 UHF HAM tuning

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I recently aquired a UHF 450-470 X9000 and am going to put it into the HAM band. I have the proper HAM RSS and have successfully tuned a VHF model to 144 with excellent results. I have an IFR 1000S to do this procedure. I know the tuning strip is a different set up so can some advise basically how they did it and what tuning slugs needed some tweeking?


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Re: Syntor X9000 UHF HAM tuning

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You have about a 50/50 chance of getting decent RX sense in the 440 band with the 9000's, better if it has the preamp option.

In any case: Tuning the preselector properly requires a tracking generator and spectrum analyzer. You would need to feed it a sweep of 425 to 500MHz and, using the preselector tuning screws, shift the bandpass to lose some at the high end while making up for it at the low.

Be careful to adjust only the preselector tuning, not the three slugs which deal with the exciter filter.

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