Modified Maxtrac acting up

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Modified Maxtrac acting up

Post by 1585hp »


I modified a Motorola Maxtrac, D51MAJ97A3AK with version 5.04 firmware for the 6m ham band.

After modifying, the volume is at full volume, and the volume pot doesn't control it.

The hardware mods went great, great RX, TX, etc, but this is the only issue. I think maybe I screwed up the MDF mod? This was originally an 8 channel radio that I turned into 16.

Does anyone have a good hacked MDF file I could try?

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Re: Modified Maxtrac acting up

Post by Al »

Check the bottom of the volume control for a missing ground. Since there's no softpots in the receive chain it's unlikely that any firmware or software changes that you made would cause what you describe.
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