Mip 5000 feedback and changing channels

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Mip 5000 feedback and changing channels

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I have been having an ongoing issue, and have ran out of Directions to look. I recently learned how to work with mip consoles for my job, and am by no means an expert. The customer wanted us to upgrade their PC's to windows 10. We did that and seemed it went smoothly.

After a week or two, They started saying that the radios would randomly change channels and "lock up". Troubleshooting showed that the firewall had not been fully disabled on one console. After fully disabling the firewall the problem happens far less often, but still happens. I have looked through the logs and it seems that the command to change channel is sometimes sent from the console without them clicking it. There are also times when the consoles did not send the change channel command and the radio just changes. It appears that the channel the radio is on becomes different than what the console expects and it freezes. This is happening on a couple different channels but only on one of the consoles. That is the best description I can give of problem #1 Any advice or pointers on where to look would be GREATLY appreciated.

Problem #2 is with audio. The consoles have extra sound cards installed for 4 monitor speakers and the normal selected/unselected. They are using enhanced jack boxes with deskmic or wireless headsets. The problem came when the customer asked me to fix the audio recorder. They record RX audio from individual radios and wanted to record TX audio. The TX audio recording comes from the port in the jackbox. The recording works, But as soon as I enable the recorder in the control panel it causes transmitted audio to be heard in the wireless headset. When the wireless headset is disconnected they can use the deskmic with no issues or feedback from the selected/unselected. If I dsiable the recorder (uncheck the box) everything works fine. So I can not figure out how and why it feeds TX/mic audio to the headset earpiece. Again ANY help would be greatly appreciated.
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