MTR2000 & MRTI2000 Issues

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MTR2000 & MRTI2000 Issues

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I have run into a strange problem when interfacing a UHF MTR2000 to a MRTI2000 Interconnect. The system is using the standard MOT/Gai-Tronics interface cable from the MRTI connector on the MTR to the MRTI.

With the station configured as a base station everything works as it should with the MRTI. When changing the station config to repeater, (no other changes) and attempting to hang-up a previously connected call by sending a DTMF # the station will perform a reset and leave the MRTI in a hung condition requiring a power-cycle to reset.

Have tried this same setup using 2 different MTR's and 2 different MRTI's with the same result, so I can't rule out one or the other as the problem.

Anyone have any ideas on this issue?

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