High Split VHF Quantar to 147mHz?

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High Split VHF Quantar to 147mHz?


Can a current production Quantar on the high split (154+) be tricked to 147 mHz?

http://www.airadio.net/site/brochures/a ... ar_VHF.pdf


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Post by xmo »

As indicated in the prochure you posted the link to, the VHF Quantar comes in two ranges: 132-154 and 150-174.

The Quantar RSS will allow you to program out of band frequencies - so your only issue is the actual RF performance - in this case I think the big issue is VCO lock.

I have personal knowledge that two samples of the high range station worked just fine in the upper half of the two meter band[i.e. 146.7 Tx, 146.1 Rx] but would fail to lock on repeater pairs in the 145 range.

That doesn't mean that all Quantars would act the same, but odds are prettty good they would. A 147 range pair should be pretty safe, but if you want to be sure, bro-comm-usa has low range stations available from time to time. I bought one from them and it works great on two meters.

Here is one of theirs:

http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?Vi ... 5711251771
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Post by batdude »

roger xmo

my high split is also programmed onto the ham band, but pretty high (147.315 +)

works like a champ, although the software does moan when you enter the freqs....but takes the pair just fine.

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Post by Astro Spectra »

The VCO hybrid is very like the Spectra's. A drop of silver paint in the right place will pull it down. You can do the test non-destructively by putting your DVM on the tune line and sticking little bits of adhesive foil across the laser cuts or at the end of the stripline until you get about 4 volts at your new frequency.

Once you are satisfied with the new tune range replace the sticky foil with silver paint. Cover an area smaller than the foil and let it dry out overnight and re-check. Add a little more if necessary to get back to the same result as the foil. The front end of the VHF and UHF units are quite broad only the preselector is actually narrow.

I have tuned R3 UHF units down to R2 without problems using this method.

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Post by radiomidwest »

I have a low split vhf quantar, Mint, if you want to trade modules or the whole unit.
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Re: High Split VHF Quantar to 147mHz?

Post by VE3TUH »

I have a high split quantar that I needed to tune down to 144.690, rx. It wouldnt lock below about 144.790. The solution was to turn the tuning slug IN 1/2 turn on L2202, it locks now down to about 142.500.

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