Weight of a VHF MSF5000 125 watt repeater

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Weight of a VHF MSF5000 125 watt repeater

Post by txshooter »

Anyone have any idea of a approximate weight of a VHF MSF5000 125 watt repeater. I am having to put one on a truck (something I have never done before) and I have no idea what oen of these weighs. It won't really fit on the old bathroom scale...lol The repeater is in a 5 foot cabinet.
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Re: Weight of a VHF MSF5000 125 watt repeater

Post by Doug »

Roughly about 140 lbs give or take, I've loaded them into my mid-sized pickup before by myself but I think going any higher than that would require 2 people and a bottle of tequila. :x
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Re: Weight of a VHF MSF5000 125 watt repeater

Post by SlimBob »

Before or after you throw your back out?

Seriously, be careful with things that heavy. When the repeater weighs more than you do, you will be unable to stop it from falling down the stairwell when it starts to go.
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Re: Weight of a VHF MSF5000 125 watt repeater

Post by 4n6inv »

No Sh!t!! I got one for $100.00 from a USMS auction and while loading it from their loading bay; it slipped off the dock and on to my foot. It really sucked! It took 3 months to heal and dented the MSF5000 case, but it worked like a champ when I fired it up! It was a 1996 manufacture date and had the transparent secure board, et; al in it. What a steal!
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