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MSF5000 Conventional 800 Pass Digital

This forum is for discussions regarding System Infrastructure and Related Equipment. This includes but is not limited to repeaters, base stations, consoles, voters, Voice over IP, system design and implementation, and other related topics.

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MSF5000 Conventional 800 Pass Digital

Postby truckpuller » Wed Sep 23, 2009 9:15 am

Need some Digital help
I have tried to get radios programed with P25 to
key up a Digital MSF5000 {800 repeater}
Have tried using a DCS code in the radio
and it wouldn't key.
Tried to program the MSF to do Csq and it takes it in programing
but doesn't work.
Does anyone know if the MSF will do CSQ in conventional?
Is there a different code plug needed for the MSF in Digital?
I uploaded a standard conventional cod plug.

I tried the radios with a NAC code and DCS and just DCS

The repeater works fine on Analog

The radios I have been testing are New EFJ 5100 series
with P25 Conventional and Motorola Smartnet


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Re: MSF5000 Conventional 800 Pass Digital

Postby xmo » Wed Sep 23, 2009 10:03 am

A "Digital" MSF5000 is designed to repeat Securenet which is a 12 KBPS two-level digital format.

The product was designed before the P25 standard. It will not 'digitally' repeat 9600 BPS P25 CAI [digitally = recover, error correct, reclock, retransmit]

It might be possible to modify the station to transparently pass a P25 signal but that's not the same as a real digital repeater. Your best bet is a Quantar. Used ones show up on ebay.

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Re: MSF5000 Conventional 800 Pass Digital

Postby Will » Wed Sep 23, 2009 3:25 pm

The MSF5000 and Digital MSF5000 stations just thinks the P25 is noise and keeps the receiver squelch and will not repeat.

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