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Minitor Battery Charging

This forum is focused on discussing Digital and Voice paging equipment, protocol's, infrastructure, and Motorola specific hardware used. Please refrain from discussing different ways to monitor the digital paging systems due to the legalities of such.

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Minitor Battery Charging

Postby Lubecktech » Tue Jun 18, 2019 10:50 am

Will Motorola Minitor V & VI properly charge the battery attached to the pager if the pager is turned on during charging??
It is my understanding none of the minitor series were designed to to be charged while on. Experience tells me on the Minitor II, III and IV you could get away with it if you had good batteries but charging the Minitor V in such a manner didn't work well at all.
I have a customer who is trying to charge some new Minitor VI pagers while turned on in the charger and not getting a charge but gets a good charge if he charges the batteries by themselves.
I just got off the phone with Motorola tech support and did not get a definitive answer.

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Re: Minitor Battery Charging

Postby Jim202 » Thu Jun 20, 2019 5:23 am

If there is much radio voice activity on the pager in the monitor mode, then it probably won't charge. If in the pager mute mode, it may take 4 hours or more depending on the state of the battery charge.

If the red charge indicator is flashing fast, pull the radio out of the charger for about 10 seconds and then drop it back in. You should see a slow flashing red indicator when it's charging normal.

My batteries are not in good shape from age and use. Sometimes with a page alert, it will cause the charger to start flashing fast. I just pull the pager out of the charger for about 10 seconds and drop it back in.

When the charger thinks the batteries are fully charged, it will have a steady red indicator.


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