Minitor II or III receiver board project?

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Minitor II or III receiver board project?

Post by Mikey »

Ok, this may sound stupid but I have a bunch of old Minitor 2 and Minitor 3 pagers laying around and I have a project where I need a simple little receiver. Due to space constraints I need just the receiver board and not the whole pager in there. Does anybody know the pinouts on either of these receiver boards so I can just supply power to the receiver board after I take it out of the pager and make it work? all I need is power and antenna going in and audio coming out, that's it? is this possible?

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Re: Minitor II or III receiver board project?

Post by KC9MDQ »

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Re: Minitor II or III receiver board project?

Post by kb4mdz »

Oooh, long time since I been MInitor II technician. Don't remember how the RX is set up; whether the whole RX is on one board, or RX to IF on one, and a IF-detector board , then the audio/decoder board.

Well, from what I remember and what I know, I'm guessing you want maybe just the audio out? About all I can remember of the Minitor 2 is that there was about 5 pin connector between boards; and the first batches relied on just the spring tension of the wires to hold the board & place & provide the connection. Soon, they added a plastic body to the connector to provide better contact and keep the pins from breaking.

But, that really doesn't help you; I'm just thinking 5 pins could have been power, ground, Detected Audio, something else? If it was a 2 freq. pager one pin could do channel switch - Hi = Ch1, grounded = Ch. 2?
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