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Minitor V RF Board Replacement

This forum is focused on discussing Digital and Voice paging equipment, protocol's, infrastructure, and Motorola specific hardware used. Please refrain from discussing different ways to monitor the digital paging systems due to the legalities of such.

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Minitor V RF Board Replacement

Postby HRN » Wed Sep 30, 2015 6:48 pm

We are trying to consolidate a bunch of Minitor V pagers and would like to swap RF boards in the like we have done with the Minitor II pagers. We have a number of 462 MHz range M5 pagers and a variety of other band RF boards we would like to put in them.

The steps I have taken:
1. Remove both RF Boards.
2. Insert the "new" RF board (46 MHz) onto the audio board that was in the 462 MHz pager.
3. Went into engineering mode and change the model to A01 and the bandsplit to 45-49 MHz.

We then tested the pager and there is no reception on it. Is there another step that we are missing?

Any help would be appreciated. We hate to scrap the pagers that are working, but need to have them working on other band RF boards.


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