Motorola Radio for a 1971 Police Trike

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Motorola Radio for a 1971 Police Trike

Post by larryk »

We are in the process of restoring a 1971 Sheriff's 3-wheeled motorcycle. Having a hard time finding the Motorola radio that was used on it. It was a one piece radio? Anyone know anything about this radio model? Are they readily available? We got a hold of an old Motorola three-piece (pictures available), but it doesn't work for the trike. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
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Re: Motorola Radio for a 1971 Police Trike

Post by txshooter »

Are you just trying to make this look good for display? If so, you can just mount one of the old school control heads and a speaker up front and even adapt the control head with a battery and a LED so it looks as if it powers up.

I am not sure what radio would have likely been on that trike......a little before my time in the radio world.

Maybe a Mitrek?
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Re: Motorola Radio for a 1971 Police Trike

Post by abbylind »

In 1971 it would have been a Motorola Dispatcher series. It had HT200 boards and an amp to get 10-15 watts (VHF)
The control head would look like a MCR100. Black speaker with a silver grille. The mike was black with a white grille. Kinda hard to find these days. We have a 1967 HD Servicar in our museum it has a MCR100 on it. If you want to make a dummy look-a-like some of the motorola power voice amplified speakers would work (Ive seen them on eBay), or a Mocom 70 speaker painted black and paint the grille silver would look very good. The Motorola raised lettering on the speaker was painted white. The MCR100 had a red light on top for a TX light.
Hope that helps

Q: Does this unit come with a speaker?
A: hello yes its in the radio thanks
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Re: Motorola Radio for a 1971 Police Trike

Post by LVGUY »

Here is a picture of the setup I have seen on the Harley Davidson's from the 70's
I hope this is of some assistance.
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Re: Motorola Radio for a 1971 Police Trike

Post by Bat2way »

It was more on the line of an "Industrial Dispatcher" model. Lots of info on the search engines about it and motorcycle use.
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Re: Motorola Radio for a 1971 Police Trike

Post by radioinst »

I have an old motorola gray book, i'll look at it when i get home and see what it says. That was the mocom 70 / motrac / business dispatcher era.
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Re: Motorola Radio for a 1971 Police Trike

Post by resqroz »

A motorcycle in the late 60's early 70's would have had an industrial dispatcher radio such as a T33BAT. It had a weatherproof control head built into a speaker housing. I had one in a jeep that I owned in the early 70's.
Here is what it looked like.
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