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GM1200 into MC2100 - Some problems and questions

This forum is for discussions regarding all aspects of Motorola radio programming, including hardware, computers, installation and use of RSS/CPS, firmware upgrades, and troubleshooting. There are subforums for discussions of codeplugs, and also for software/firmware release notes and issues.

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GM1200 into MC2100 - Some problems and questions

Postby John_Works » Fri Jun 23, 2017 10:01 am

Hi guys,

After spending hours and hours here reading all the good stuff I have some problems with my radio. I have a 70cm GM1200. It is a German version (MR503A) and it had a 60 seconds transmit limit so I had to flash it into a MC2100. Now I am not sure if it is already flashed or if I have a Wookie and Codeplug problem.

Here is what I did:

- I read the radio with the GM1200 DPS and saved the codeplug and wrote down all tuning parameters
- I used Wookie to create a new Codeplug for the 1-10W 70cm version with keypad
- I wrote the new codeplug with the radios serial number into the unflashed GM1200
- I used the lab Flashtool (2100 Series Skywalker Upgrade), pressed X, then B for Bootstrap (Counter went to 25 and then to -0) while pressing on/off, then N to flash new application to radio while pressing on/off. The counter went to 120 and then also showed -0, same as on bootstrap. I read somewhere that the timer goes to 180 or so, so I am not sure if the flashing was successful or not. While upgrading, the Radio sometimes showed Fail 01/90 but the counter worked. Now I have RADIO FAULT 02 and I can read the codeplug with Wookie.

When I press PTT 5 times I see:

- 8202117U19
- M01RFN9AN8AN (I choosed this type for the codeplug in Wookie before, 1-10W UHF with keypad)
- 346IWG11** (orginal GM1200 serial number, programed with Wookie)
- B/W

So please thell me:
- Is my radio already flashed into MC2100? If it's not clear how can I find out?
- Has anybody of you a MC2100 ham radio codeplug (Wookie) for me?
- What can I do to work again with my GM1200 / MC2100?

I have access to an old DOS laptop (less than 100 MHz) with the Lab Upgrade Tool and the normal one, I also have Wookie (patched) and the GM120 DPS on Win XP and I have access to the DOS MTSX. I do not have access to the 21 series DOS RSS.

Thank you and 73 from Germany,
John, DK9JC & N1JJC

Old GM1200, unflashed:
Radio Fault 2, not clear if flashed or not:
My uniRIB / Flashrib DIY interface:
RIB schematics:
73's from John, DK9JC / N1JJC

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