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CM360 programming problem.

Posted: Sun Nov 19, 2017 3:11 am
by E74D
Hello guys, hope you are all right.

I have Motorola CM360 VHF2 radio that I can not program. I am over my neck with it for a past few days.
I am using CPS for commercial series R.05.16. and RIB to COM port. I have made programming cable according to schematics found various sites. When I finally made a cable that seems to connects to the radio I got message that Codeplug in the radio is password protected. I have another codeplug from the same radio and I tried to clone it. After two sets of confirmations radio begins to receive the new codeplug but always stops at 60% of process. After that I have a usual message that radio is not connected to the CPS, it is not powered on etc.
As I said, I am trying for days to solve this. Few things make me more confused. There are several versions of programming cable for this radio that can be found on the net. I have built 3 versions and problem is the same.
I have tried few other CPS. but problem is the same.

So guys please help! I dont know hot to solve the codeplug password problem OR how to replace the codeplug in it. Maybe there is some sort of factory reset of the radio?
Every solution is good for me so thank you very much in advance.