XTL2500 question on TX PL encode programming

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XTL2500 question on TX PL encode programming

Post by Jim202 »

I have found that if the XTL2500 receiver is programmed for
carrier squelch on a channel, you can't set the TX to do PL
encode. The area is shaded out and won't allow it to be set.

If you set the RX channel to be PL decode, then you can
set the TX for PL encode just fine.

I don't remember this being an issue with the older version
of the RSS. I am using the Astro 25 CPS version R09.00.00.

Has anyone any idea how to get around this problem? Or
is this another Motorola screw job and they didn't think it
would ever need to be programmed this way.

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Post by RocketNJ »

Just checked a codeplug here with CPS version 9. Cannot repro your problem.

Check the personality you are using with the zone/channel entry. Make sure it is set for analog tx.
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Post by GEMOTO »

I tried it with one here and could not duplicate it. I am having another issue with one of these radios regarding PL decode after quick sucessive transmissions. When I get time later today I'll upload a document I wrote describing it. It probably not relavant but its good information to have anyway.
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Post by wavetar »

Send me your codeplug, for kicks & giggles. I haven't worked with any XTL2500 units yet (lots of 1500 & 5000's), so wouldn't mind playing with a codeplug.


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