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FAQ: Why can't I edit or post in For Sale/Wanted/Trade?

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FAQ: Why can't I edit or post in For Sale/Wanted/Trade?

Postby akardam » Mon May 28, 2007 2:51 pm

Read up on this topic here:

The short answer is: This is to protect you as a buyer and seller.

The problem is that if you agree with someone to purchase an item on the board, and you agree to buy the item at the price and terms stated within the message, there is nothing that prevents that person from going back and editing their posts to change the terms / cost of the item from what they were origionally. I have found that for the most part the board says that person X edited the post, how many times, etc, but it doesn't allow someone to go back and see what's changed, when, and why.

An issue did come up which caused this. Someone who will remain nameless went through and changed 3 months worth of posts in this forum so they contained no information. They are having issues with another member because (the person who posted the ad) sent the item out without getting payment in the first place.

So now when someone asks someone to at least say something, or maybe just a "hey, wake up, you have a deal here" We have no way of going back through and making an evaluation of the deal. There have been several posts here about how I, and others, would perfer to do deals. You have to be careful.

This was something that was done to protect the users here from it happening again. Will it? I'm not sure. We have almost 4000 users on the board, and it's growing.

At this time, it will stay like it is for a bit. I don't have the answer to every problem that is going to come up here, or a solution that is going to leave a smile on each and every face, but I can try my best to do things to protect and keep this a good environment for everyone.

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