FAQ: Can I request RSS/CPS, Firmware, System Keys, etc.?

Rules and guidlines for posting information. All members of the forum must take the time to read and become firmiliar with the information posted here. If there are any questions, please take the time to ask anyone on the moderator or admin team.
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FAQ: Can I request RSS/CPS, Firmware, System Keys, etc.?

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If you create a topic, post, or private message with a request for, or link to, copies of RSS, CPS, firmware, system key, or any other copyrighted software, in part or in whole, it will be moderated or removed without notice. You will also receive a message form a moderator or administrator stating that you violated this rule, and a warning will be placed under your name.

After 30 days as an active member of the board and with no further outstanding issues, you may ask the administration of the board to remove your warning. This is at the discretion of the administration staff.

After three warnings your account will be removed.
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