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FAQ: Should I search before I start a new topic?

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FAQ: Should I search before I start a new topic?

Postby akardam » Mon May 28, 2007 3:07 pm


Almost 95% of the posts here are reposts with the same questions over and over again. Most of these questions have been addressed at one point or another, usually in great detail. There's also a lot of information on the main Batlabs site, which you really should read through first before posting.

Use the search feature on the board in order to locate these threads. Read the search form carefully, and use the right syntax (to find all posts that pertain to maxtrac speaker for example, do a search for "maxtrac and speaker" (without quotes). This will find all threads that have the words maxtrac and speaker in them.

If you have searched and have exhaused all other avenues, then post your message. Post this message in one forum that is most appropriate. See the FAQ on "Why does my post say "Moved" next to it?" if you later discover a moderator or administrator moved your post.

If you need clarification of what was said while searching, post in that topic and ask your question. This will help people understand where you are coming from with your issue or question.

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