FAQ: Off Topic Discussion Policy

Rules and guidlines for posting information. All members of the forum must take the time to read and become firmiliar with the information posted here. If there are any questions, please take the time to ask anyone on the moderator or admin team.
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FAQ: Off Topic Discussion Policy

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This board was created to facilitate discussion around Motorola communications equipment, specifically land mobile radios, site infrastructure, consoles, etc. With this in mind, we aim to keep off topic discussion (other manufactures, jokes, eBay links, and other such distractions) off the board.

If these topics appear, they will be immediately locked by a moderator. A simple explanation will be given of "this is an off topic post, please refrain from posting off topic posts here"

Great examples include, but are not limited to:
  • eBay transaction feedback. The Feedback area on the board is for board transactions only.
  • Jokes, News (unless related to the industry), movies, flash animations, games, etc.
  • Questions about other manufactures radios or equipment. You can visit the Radio Information Board at http://www.radioinfoboard.com if you would like to get information on other equipment available.
If we observe a member with a trend of posting several off topic bits of information, we will contact that member. Repeated warnings for off topic postings will result in suspension.
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